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1. From the study of University of Copenhagen the choices of Danish students are widely influenced by the social class in which they were brought up in. Educational Sociologist Jens Peter Thomsen says, “The connection between the studies and their social background are noticeably apparent to say the least”. This has many thinking that since social background plays a vital role in the education choice; questions our stance in the argument of every student having an equal opportunity.
Source University of Copenhagen(2013,September 13)
Young people choose education based on parents’ background.
2. Researchers come with the bold claim that war has made a huge decline in recent years, but Bear Braumoeller, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Ohio State thinks the actual “want” to wage war between nations hasn’t lessened its just that it doesn’t geographically makes any sense. Steven Pinker disputes this notion emphatically by stating this evidence of the total droppage of deaths via war per capita. Bear believes military power and geography play a huge role and that humanity should not take upon themselves to take full credit for being peaceful; when in all actuality we’re just not able fight like we once were.
Source: Ohio State University(2013,August 29).Is war really disappearing?New analysis suggests not.ScienceDaily.Retrieved September 18,2013.

3. With so many focused on people with