Foreign Policy After World War 1

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Jaylan mcwilson March 9 2015
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After world war one the opinion of foreign policy was divided among diffrent nations.Germany,Italy and Japan gained great forms of power and neither the league of nations nor demoratic countries were able to stop them.In Germany Hitler rose to power and started taking aggressive action over the country.
According to document 3 appeasement was just the beggining of the worst mistake in history Hitler began to broke the treaty of versallies because he wanted to break Germany from the inequality treaty.France started to take matters in the leauge of nations.The french also thought that they should be forced out of rhine land with no negotiation with Germany.
In document 4 appeasement was terrible shirer at munich conference had a negotistion on Germany that Germany gets apart of czechosloviakia and prevents the wars. shirer felt that europe was relived that they didnt had to go and fight the war .And czechoslovakia was not satisfied that germany has part of thier coutry.
In document 7 kennan was aginst appeasment because kennan felt that the munich agreement was highly unnecessary because the way the czech defense were was very advanced.Another reason was that German generals were prepared to attempt to get rid of Hitler.
In document 8 it is explaining that appeasment was a better policy.What the author was trying to explain was that appeasement was the logical policy at the time and because of Germany losing russia would win.The Germans