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Huaorani Case Study Reflection: Ecuador

1. Should the Maxus Oil Co be allowed to explore for oil and build roads, oil wells, and pipelines on Huaorani land in the Oriente? Why or why not?

I believe that the oil companies should not be allowed to build roads, oil wells, and pipelines on the Huaorani land in the Oriente. This is my position in this issue mainly because the Huaorani believe that Mother Nature is there like their actual mother, so when oil companies come onto their land and destroy/pollute it, the Huaorani think that they are harming Mother Nature. Like I said the Oil Companies also polluted the Huaorani land, their water sources were mainly impacted so when the Huaorani people went to go get water, they would see that there was oil in it so they could not drink it, if they accidently drank some water which looked clean but contained some oil they would get sick resulting in further problems. Another reason for why I believe that oil companies should not be allowed to explore and build on Huaorani land is because on the land is food, medicine and wildlife which the Huaorani need to live. Their medicines that are essentially herbs, which cure illness/disease, are being killed due to the polluted water and general pollution from the cars, etc. If the exploring and building of oil wells, roads and other things continue then the Huaorani will have to leave because the land will have changed too much in a negative way for them to live as they always have.

2. What would the arguments for and against building schools to civilize the Huaorani?

There are many arguments that support the building of schools and many arguments that are against the building, lets first talk about the positives. The positives of building schools to civilize the Huaorani is that they can be more modernized, more into the modern culture would mean they can be more (in our definition) civilized, they could wear better and appropriate clothing, use medicine that they would not have to go out and find. Another positive would be that if we build schools to make them more civilized then they get could get a good amount of education and this would ensure more opportunities for them in the future, when I say more opportunities I mean to say that they good jobs to support their families if they can’t right now. The Huaorani could also benefit through learning variety of things such as; language, culture and other general knowledge that could help in everyday life. Now some negatives are that when they do build the schools to civilize the Huaorani they could possibly be a loss of language, culture and religion because if they decide to teach in a different language then the language would slowly