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The increasing rate of School Violence in the past ten to fifth teen years is surprisingly disturbing. Many thoughts have gone in to this process to find out why this is such a recurring occurrence. In 2007, a survey done by the CDC (Central for Disease Control and Prevention) found out that about 6 percent of American students carry a weapon. Psychiatrists think that the problem is that the children that cause school violence are the ones that are overlooked for mental disabilities. While generations go on, children respect their elders less, which lead to increase in school violence. Firstly, School violence is ruining the school for children; the reasoning is that with lower income areas more school crimes occur. In Brooklyn, New York 5 percent of teachers were attacked by their students. Teachers are not always the only ones at risk; kids also attack lunch ladies and sometimes bus drivers. The younger generation is losing manners and morals which lead to violence. The main reason is because they are doing what they are learning at home from their respected parents. Kids are proven to act up more at school when they are ignored at home, because they need attention at that age which they are not getting at home. The prime age for parents to be in their kid’s life is pre-school to elementary. If parents do this successfully it will decrease of the chances of their kids getting in to any school violence when they are older. School Violence Has increased in recent years due to access of guns to teens. In two recent School years, a total of 85 young people died violently in U.S. schools. Seventy-five percent of these incidents involved firearms. Approximately thirteen percent of U.S. homes with children under age eighteen have at least one firearm, meaning that roughly eleven million children live in homes with firearms. Owning a firearm can be seen as a good thing and a bad for many different reasons. Many Kids and even adults are mentally not stable to own a firearm, and that is how school and even world shootings happen. Recent examples of people who are mentally unfit are Adam Lanza, Who started the school shooting in Newton, Connecticut. To stop mentally unstable humans from owning firearms, I feel like there should be a law to have a test before you own a firearm.
As with schools and families, communities can neglect children. If our communities are not responsive to the needs of families and their children, this neglect can lead to school violence. The community a child lives in at a young age can be age huge influence on the way they turn out and act as an adult. The increase of poverty stricken neighborhoods in the past ten years has increased because of the recession and decrease of job opportunities for people to succeed. “School violence has also been linked to the transformation of communities. Constantly shifting school demographics often reflect larger upheavals as communities undergo changes in size, economic well-being, and racial and ethnic mix”(Constitutional Rights Foundation). When the change of the community starts, gangs