Social Issues In Syria

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1a. What are people protesting and how did people respond: The unrest that was going on in the Middle East hit Syria in March 2011. The actions involved a group of people protesting in the streets about the torture that a group of students was receiving after they were caught doing anti-government acts of vandalism. With this being done, the government forcefully responded throughout the country with many different demonstrations. The government’s response turned into a spiral of violent attacks. In December 2011, the country entered the “verge of civil war” as soldiers took action to bring down the government. As the country fought for international recognition through a signed agreement, a civil war broke out leading to the death of thousands of people, most of whom were civilians.

1b. What has been result of the interaction between government and people: Within the country, there has been a lot of unrest as the relationship between the government and its people worsened. Because of prior events of protest, the government took actions into their own hands in a forceful and violent manner. The result of the protests and forceful actions between the government and people led to the outburst of a vicious civil war. The internal turmoil brought forth many attacks from soldiers out of anger for what the government was doing within the country. As a result of the war, around 40,000 people died, most being Syrian civilians. In addition, around 2.5 million civilians needed aid while over a million other civilians were displaced from their homes.

2b. To what degree has your government changed: In Syria, there have been some changes in the government. Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has recently said that the government is losing control to the rebel forces. The protestors in Syria have been a big impact on changes the government is facing. When Bashar took office in 2000, he presented himself as an optimistic youthful leader who looked toward the future. Ever since the Arab Spring protests started in 2011, Bashar has used force to kill