Essay about Social Justice

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Social Justice
2. Substance abuse is acceptable: drinking alcohol, taking drugs, and especially selling them is portrayed as an acceptable way of life, and a successful way to make you more money than anything. Popular rappers make teenagers feel their lives aren't complete without expensive cars and countless bunches of girls open to and willing to carry through with any of their intentions. They strengthen the already existing idea that women are property and have influenced women to believe it's commonplace for people to see and use them in these ways. The portrayal of young women as prostitutes that are always available and easy is specifically conveyed through music videos. Violence, sex, money, luxury, and power are overtly key values of rap music culture, seen in the lifestyles of rappers, in their music videos, and in their lyrics.

5. Short term consequences for youth resulting from the adaptation of these values translates into a change in attitude and way of life. Rude behaviour, excessive swearing, lack of respect for women, parents, fighting, participating in criminal activities and taking illegal drugs are examples. These short term consequences usually drag youth into being associated with people who sell drugs, or bring them to sell drugs themselves, it could cause them to kill people, participate in gang wars, damage properties of their opposing gangs, and frequent criminal activity. The existence of these beliefs everywhere causes people in society to become disrespectful, and increases the number of these types of people. It brings more aggressive arguments amongst people, poses dangers in going out, and possibly creates a society entrenched with racism. In the long run, there would be more fights with people shot dead, increased theft rate, and extreme misogyny.
Looking at the world, some short term effects would include the creation of a world based on sex, money and fame, an increase in violence, increases in crime rates, homicide rates, and a globe raided with disrespectful and dangerous people. fighting, and very little respect for women. Long term effects would be economic disparity, assassinations, immense cruelty, heightened drug and sex trade, law enforcement would become either corrupt or useless, lack of safety, and the worldwide degradation of the idea of a woman.