Social Justice Reflective Essay

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The community in which I am interested in living in is the Social Justice community. I am interested in living in the social justice community because it is a very broad topic that can be tackled in so many ways ; I have a hunger and curiosity for such broad topics that can be discussed endlessly. Social justice is applied to any human being on this planet, or more specifically, this college campus. Whether it is having conversations on racial, gender, sexuality, economic, or educational issues, living in a social justice community can help tackle these topics and resolve them in a way that can change the world. Living in a community that focuses on these topics will cause me to open up to my peers and also learn from them. Every person has …show more content…
Topics can include discrimination or inequality in racial, gender, sexuality, economic, or even in education. We as Hendrix students will take these topics and our experiences to a local high school for a workshop on social justice. This workshop will include students from each grade to share their experiences with college students and for us college students to share our experiences with them. This would be an important way to prepare the future generation of this world. We will educate these students about what social justice is and what we can do as citizens to make social justice happen. Part of this workshop would also include public speakers from around the country that are passionate about social justice to show us more real world experiences. A part of this trip will also be to check on these students throughout the rest of the school year to see what they are doing to encourage and teach the community around them about social justice.
Because social justice has been such big part of my first 18 years of life, living in a community where there is a focus in this can better both my college experience and my understanding of the people around me. With my experiences, determination, and open-mindedness, I hope to bring a lot to this living community of social