Social Justice Unit Final Essay- English

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Social Justice Essay
Mrs. Aleckson 10 hr,
Garrett Metz

Christian Persecution in America

: a system, set or collection of beliefs.”
I continue; It is impossible for anyone to not have a religion. Everyone has a set of standards by which they live their life even if it is “I will live as I want to.” This idea can be likened to someone trying to be “objective.” One can do their best to be objective but everyone approaches life with a point of view. One can earnestly try, but it is impossible to be entirely objective.
When the word persecution is said, one does not typically think of Christians in America. More and more today, stories of christian persecution by Atheists surfacing more and more. Persecution happens in all types of places from School, to the government, and in public places The Persecution of Christians in America has become a serious problem and needs to be fixed immediately. One of the more recent stories come from Georgia.
An atheist group in Wisconsin is upset because churches are preparing meals for the football team at Ridgeland High School in
The FFRF said a local individual complained about a longstanding tradition of local churches providing meals to the teenage football players on game day. The complainant said a minister would typically deliver remarks “about the Christian religion.”Richie White, the church’s youth director, said he was quite surprised to hear that an outside group had issues with feeding children.“It would be interesting to see what part of the Constitution we violated by simply offering a meal to fellow Americans,” he told Fox News. “These are kids from our area that we do love and we do care about.” (Starnes) This incident shows that Atheists are willing to prevent helping others because they don’t agree with someone elses beliefs. Yet, Atheists claims that the problem with the world are caused by religion, and as christians, it isn’t religion that hinders progress but that it is people hindering religion that cause the problems. Christians are called to 'Love your neighbor as yourself (matthew 22:39). But when Christians go to help out the community, atheists cry out claiming they had religion forced upon them because the help was carried out by a church.
“They believe all religious faith is inherently and irredeemably harmful to human society,” Klukowski told Fox News. “It’s not their mission to separate church and state. It’s their mission to eradicate religion from American culture altogether.” (Starnes) If there was more tolerance from those who do not agree with a persons belief, there would be less problems. The problems only occur because a person is looking for a fight. It is because of these fights that people have become more concerned with offending people. Even the government is

afraid of offending people. Some people use this fear to discriminate and persecute others of different beliefs.
In Minnesota, a social worker has taken the idea of “qualifying” for federal benefits to a new level by telling a resident of a HUD­subsidized building that she no longer had the right to free speech because of the government’s contributions to the building’s operations. Sweats told
WND she informed Henkle that she was entitled to have a private conversation with a friend, and in fact had done so many times, saying, “I have freedom of speech, you know.”But she says the social worker claimed that free speech doesn’t exist when it’s in a HUD­funded building, and that in order to talk about the Bible it had to be in an apartment, not the common area.sweats said the tenant handbook outlines fair housing regulations but she wasn’t shown where any regulation would allow someone to silence her private conversation about her religion with a friend. In a letter to Ebenezer Sweats lawyer said“Simply because the government provides a benefit with public funds does not mean that all