Social Learning Theory Essay

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Explain the value of the social learning theory to explain why people become addicted to drugs and alcohol. You should use the principles of positive and negative reinforcement to explain how addiction gets started

By Alanna, Taytum and Samantha

The social learning theory is based partially on behaviourist principles, the self-regulation and control that the individual exerts in the process of acquiring knowledge and changing behaviour are considered more critical and are more reflective of cognitive principles. (Bandura 1977)

How is it applied to H&S settings
• In health care, social learning theory has been applied to nursing education, to addressing psychosocial problems, and to maximising the use of support groups. For example, research indicates that those managers who are aware of their work environment enhance learning, competence, and satisfaction; dissatisfaction, of course, has a detrimental effect and is a significant cause of staff turnover (Kane-Urrabazo, 2006).

• Nurses have applied social learning principles successfully when working with teenage mothers (stiles, 2005) and in addressing alcoholism among older adults (Akers, 1989).

Why do people become addicted to drugs and alcohol
• In the persons parents were/are addicted.
• This could either make the person have an addiction themselves or turn them to be against is completely.
• Social acceptance
• Provides a good feeling, which acts as a positive reinforcement. • Seeing or experiencing the drugs