Social Liberalism Thesis

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Lindsey Albert
February 25, 2017
Thesis Statement Paper 1
Dr. Ledford

Liberalism is one of a group of political ideologies that views individual liberty, as a means to personal autonomy, as the primary goal of society. The fundamental concepts of liberalism include a belief in unchangeable, basic human rights and in particular, the rights of life, liberty and property. While these core beliefs are central to all forms of liberalism, there are conflicts between various strands of liberalism. Differences between classic liberalism and social liberalism are some of the most significant in this school of thought. These differences result because classical liberalism purports that the only real freedom is freedom from compulsion by the government,
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Like its humanistic forefathers, liberalism rejects authority, in particular the state’s authority that may interference with self-actualization and autonomy. Freedom of thought, speech, religion, and the press; limitation of the powers and intrusions of government, universal acceptance and support for laws protecting citizens from harm by others, the necessity of a free market economy, and a transparent, democratic system of government are the key values of liberalism. These freedoms, as identified by the classical idealists, are necessary to ensure the citizens’ rights and freedoms that lead the individuals to self-actualization, or …show more content…
Like classical liberals, social liberals support individual freedom as the focusing goal of society. However, they maintain that a lack of access to health care, quality education, and economic opportunity creates an inequality that is a threat to liberty. Persons who lack food, jobs, or health care cannot attain liberty. Society also benefits greatly from the social liberals interest in human rights, a mixed economy, and government services. For example, universal healthcare is a byproduct of social liberalism and is central to the health and welfare of many citizens. When individuals have their basic needs met, they can being to think for themselves, exercise their right on to life, liberty, and property and eventually become independent of Kant’s