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Blood Brothers Campaign

Mk418 social marketing
Australia Red Cross Blood Service

Executive Summary

This Social Marketing Plan was commissioned by the Australian Red Cross Blood Service (ARCBS). The aim of the plan is to encourage the return of first time blood donors specifically Generation Y, males aged 18-25. The lack of returning donors especially young people has prompted the need for strategy to “win-back” one time only donors.

Analysis conducted within the plan has identified a target market referred to as “strong, healthy males.” This segment is characterised as outgoing, active and healthy, regularly participating in sport and physical activity. These young men need to be
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|Problem Incidence/Problem Severity |The amount of men in this target group donating once and then never returning is|
| |around .Men in this segment are only donating blood once. |
|Defensiveness |The target market is in a position where they have other social factors taking |
| |place and can often be lost due to the value they place on time. |
|Reachability |The budget constraints for ARCBS are high but this target market presents cost |
| |effective means of communication due to their high use of technology and use of |
| |online services and the fact they are already engaging with the service at least|