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In this new, age how is society adapting to social media? Since the introduction of social networking, as well as alternative news media sites, the way people interact and communicate has changed. This social wave can also have adverse effects personal life, work life and future career opportunities.
Social Networks, a term used to describe a social structure determined by such interactions such as groups or people. Mass individuals often write about their daily lives often viewed by the masses. Out of the many social networking sites comes the most popular and advertised one, which is named Facebook. Out of the billions who joined the site there are often called "super bloggers” (Emmaburick, 2010). It is Facebookers that make it their part time job to reveal their life story through a simple web page. On a larger scale Facebook has even created problems in the work force or in schools. Co-workers and bosses can read your personal post and right away know why you are lacking motivation and stink of alcohol. (It was recently found that about 8% of workers are fired because of what has been posted on Facebook - This site has been a key tool for employers to dictate who they think is most qualified based on what your page looks like. We as employees share our relationship status, religion, and ethnicity, photos, past jobs, schools, and personal posts from our daily lives. These have made it very simple for jobs to discriminate and violate the equal rights protection. Too many people have been judged the wrong way because of what they share on Facebook. Employers can easily observe a person’s weak traits in an instant. According to Wilson(2011),”A Thomas Reuters Corp employee tweeted, one of the many other popular networking sites, that one way to make this place the best place is to work a deal with honesty with Guild members.” In response, she received a phone call at home from her Bureau Chief, informing her of the company’s policy,” that we were not supposed to say something that would damage the reputation of Reuters News or Thomas Reuters. (Wassom, 2012)” This is unfair and a violation to our rights as stated in the First Amendment which is freedom of speech. What rights do employers have disciplining their employee’s in regard to their personal lives. In another example, April 25, 2012, a marine, after serving his country for nine years of service, was kicked out because of something he posted on Facebook. He