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There are a lot of companies that find that hiring the right employees is tedious and challenging. Hiring an employee is a very expensive process that can cost even more if the wrong candidate is selected. However, hiring the correct candidate on the first attempt will increase employee productivity, create a successful employment relationship, and impact the work environment positively. In today’s world of technology and social media there are many new ways to recruit the right talent. For many who are in human resources they are discovering that a combination of both old and new methods works well. Human resource departments are still using traditional recruiting methods such as newspapers, bulletins, and job fairs. Yet since the boom of the Internet, advertising online often offers a lot more bang for the recruiting buck. There are hundreds of online-only job boards such as Monster, Hot Jobs, Career Builder, and Indeed. Using the traditional methods along with online job boards and social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter allow recruiters to reach a larger range of people more effectively.
I have worked in the Human Resources department for the past five years and face hiring challenges daily. I wanted to write my paper on something that would make me a better employee now and also carry with me in the future.
Social media tools are used by companies as a means to reach its customers, distribute messages, build or maintain its reputation, and to recruit potential hires. A common thread found in all definitions of social media is a blend of technology and social interaction. Social media have become a new tool for effective business marketing and sales, particularly in e-commerce. With social media, Human Resources has a great recruiting tool at their disposal, as there are many popular social and professional networking websites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Social networks are beneficial for hiring people from different backgrounds, race, geographic, age and gender. Recruiters can now easily access thousands of potential employees, contact them, and pick those that match their criteria.
Another advantage of online job-search websites is that they allow people to search their databases for prospective job openings. So job seekers can browse through job listings and see whether anything interests them. If it does, they can simply apply for it and wait for the company to get back to them. As online recruitment sites continue to multiply in numbers these 'value -added' services may well prove crucial to their long