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On November 7th 2012, President Obama reached out to more than 2 million People just by sharing 3 words and a picture on Twitter.
(Change Slide) Slide 1 to 2 “Four More Years!” 810,000 people shared this great moment on their Twitter handle creating a greater outreach of this historic event.
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Twitter was originally started in 2006 with the idea of sharing information to friends via the Internet by this person with the banana, Jack Dorsey who was then an undergrad from NY University and one of the leading innovators of this generation by the time he was 35.
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What is twitter?
Twitter is a social media and micro-blogging tool used by people and companies to share ideas, comments, innovations and spread news faster in real time.
The Basic way Twitter works is by using a display picture, a username, details about you as information. The more the thoughts you share as tweets and use something known as a Hashtag – The way this works is by putting a hash before a word people use to add emphasis, the more people follow you if you’ll are similar.
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By searching #MCC I could see what people from my college are up to and news about events and happenings so I could be within the circle and up to date. You can see people Ad mentioning others to speak to them directly and get them within the conversation similar to that of Facebook.
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On Twitter you follow people who you would like to know more about and see what are they doing on a daily basis. It would help me be closer to my mentors and idols. These are known as my followings and people who follow me are known as followers. The greater the followers you have, the more popular you are online.
Twitter has helped me stay in touch with my friends and family and see what have they been up to on a daily basis thus keeping me in the loop and not feeling homesick.
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The more witty you are on Twitter, the more people will laugh in front of a computer looking stupid and realize they have to follow you.
Twitter is relatively faster and more efficient to spread news and events compared to any other Social Media Network.
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Instagram being a different social media channel is quite similar to Twitter. Some differences are that there here instead of sharing thoughts and ideas people share images, images that relate to peoples thoughts, ideas, belief and expriences. In over 2 years Instagram has gotten over 100 million users with 90 active monthly users.
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Kevin Systrom founded Instagram in October 2010. He was 27 and was finished his B.S in management science and engineering. He developed Instagram to create a hub of Photographs that people could share and spread. In April