Living In A Digital Age

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Nicole Heiss
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8am Mon-Wed Living in a Digital Age

Out of all of the forms of social media, I prefer Facebook. In the movie “Digital Nation” there is a theme of “always being connected”. Most people use many forms of social media to stay connected but I just use Facebook exclusively. If Facebook is used sparingly it can help keep people connected and up to date on information. For many people it is just a distraction but I find it useful. Facebook is a way for me to keep up with my friends without calling them or texting them individually and constantly. I believe it is a way to get a message to the masses. For example if I want to tell all my friends that I got a new car and show them a picture then this would be the best way to show many people.
I post mostly uplifting quotes and scriptures on my page but I do occasionally tell people what I am doing or where I am. I post, most days, at least once. I’m trying to keep Facebook from becoming a compulsive habit. Trying not to use Facebook as a distraction is hard these days. The news feed can keep you busy for hours if you let it. There have been many times when I caught myself wandering into the digital abyss. I have had to limit my Facebook time to a few minutes a few times a day. When I post my achievements on my profile I am just sharing good news within my sphere of influence. I still need to make a few phone calls to those family members not into social media or texting. Some of my family are out of state or overseas. It helps me keep people updated on my life and how I am doing in life. Phone calls are almost “out of fashion”. When I post about a test that I passed and get lots of feedback and congratulations it feels good. The support before or after a test or assignment, that is due, does help lessen the stress of everyday life. Another way I use Facebook effectively is in my notifications that are added to my phone’s calendar. I am reminded of weddings and baby showers that I would’ve forgotten. The reminders are important for me because they keep me organized and they