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In my opinion, I feel that parents should be able to access their teenagers Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I don’t feel that it’s an invasion of their privacy, it’s is just to keep parents informed about activity that includes their child, behavior, and also to understand their feelings. At first, you may feel that allowing you teen to have a profile on a social network is ok, which it may, but it’s the activity they are uploading and posting onto their pages. You have to think, if you asked your teen/teens right now if you could view their profiles, would they say Yes or No? If yes, you most likely won’t have any problems, because your teen trusts you enough to let you view their profile. If they say no, because it’s” none of your business” you should have questions in your head such as, “What are you hiding”, “What business involving you that I don’t need to know about”, etc. You should know what’s going on in your teen’s life. Teens are being influenced into doing drugs and more. Cyber-bullying, physical bullying and also verbal bullying may exist in their life. If you teen was being bullied and only expressed their feelings through that a social network would you even know about before it’s too late? For example, It has been about 5 years and your teen has been speaking his/her mind though a social network all this time and he/she is sick of expressing their feeling though that webpage because no action is being done and no matter how many friends have been unfriended, followers have been blocked or reported they still somehow have to face that person. Either on the internet or real life. They just want it to end. You on the other hand, is not even aware of all this, he/she may wear a smile and you think it’s all cool, but is that really what they’re feeling… When they finally end it doesn’t be the one with the questions be the one with the answers. Bullying is not only the common situation teens run into. Some teens associate themselves with gang activity. Your child’s life is on the line at all times. Which means your child could lose their life at anytime. Parents be observant.

Furthermore, you may not know that you teen is showing behavior through the internet that you don’t approve of. Such as, indecent exposure, throwing gang sign, and attempting improper acts. Your children may be taking inappropriate pictures and posting it onto their web pages. Is your child really safe? Did you know, strangers can disguise themselves to make it seem like they are your son/daughters friend or people that they associate with, so your teen can allow them to have the ability to see their profiles. Now that they can see their profile, they are just waiting for your child to post the right information they need (if they haven’t already) to proceed. Many teens face popularity decline, teen post these pictures to “fit in” when really it’s putting their life on the line. Once