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Hidden behind Technology

We use it on a day to day basis. So often that we don’t even think about it. We think of it as a priority but its nothing more than an addiction. Lately the K-17 team has been working on software that will make life easier. But all we know is that its secret information and that life is already easy; computer wise.
● ● ● Malachi was really interested with anything that had a screen. He would buy the next new thing from apple or the next software from Microsoft. If there was an important situation that the students of the school cared about he was getting video. Whether it was a fight or a student arguing with a teacher. He was on his way home; taking his usual route. Past the doughnut hut, through the alley and past the Television shop and up into his apartment. But as he was passing the television shop something caught his eye. He examined the small tube television in the bottom corner of the window. “Yes Jim, our team here at K-17 has been on the search for the perfect purpose for our new software.” “Well you heard it here; you can pick up your new software at the Excel-mart on April 5th.” Malachi had a sudden burst of excitement; April 5th was tomorrow. He rushed across the street too his apartment building, dodging four or five cars on the way. He buzzed himself up his apartment number, and bolted for towards the stairs on the way to his floor. When he arrived on the fifth floor he turned to his grumpy neighbor and yelled “It comes out tomorrow!” After he had thrown his things to the corner, with out taking a single thought to his homework, he ran to his computer. He typed in Google with such speed and accuracy, that the computer had a delay, that or because of he over flowed the RAM with computer games. But anyways, when the computer displayed the search engine he typed in K-17; and the results popped up. As the lazy slob that he is, he clicked on the first site. Malachi couldn’t believe his eyes; the K-17 team was sued because of their illegal software in 1984. He did more research and that’s all he found. So he knew that with their new software they were out for serious revenge. Later that night he knew he had to do something about it. But as usual he fell asleep at his computer.

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Malachi’s head popped off of his computer desk and he stood up so fast that he became light headed. He had remembered what happened last night and he sat back down to develop a plan. He had finally devised a plan that he thought would work.