Social Media Research Paper

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Social Media
Michelle Torrez
INF 103: Computer Literacy
Kenneth Barr
March 30, 2015

Social Media Social Media is a form of communication that allows people to create online communities. People can share information using social media. Social media also allows people to share photos, audio, text, and their general information. There is so many different social media that people can use like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Snapchat. Using these sites allows users to be able to upload photos, videos, and messages to share with other users. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and LinkedIn are the social media that internet users say they use to connect with family members and friends. Staying in touch with family members is a major factor across a range of social media users. It is more important to women. The primary difference on this topic pertains to gender. Women use social media more than men to cite family connections. Staying connected with family is one of the major reasons for using social media. Social media users 50 and under are especially likely to use these tools to help stay connected with current friends and reconnect with old friends. Roughly seven in ten users under the age of 50 say that staying in touch with current friends is a major reason they use online social platforms. (Aaron Smith 2011). Social media gave businesses the ability to advertise their products and services in a way for their information can be shared and searched upon through these social sites. Technology has evolved in so many ways and has made these types of interactions possible through the World Wide Web. Social media has some positive sources to explore, but also can bring up some great concerns. The course textbook covered Web 2.0 and its ways users can experience being online. Web 2.0 is giving people the capability to share photos, recipes, project ideas and interesting things they find to share with family and friends. Social book marking is one of the most popular for sharing these ideas. Pinterest is an example of social book marking and gaining its popularity. The dark side of social networking is cyberbullying. There is an equal concern of bullying that takes place in social media. Also on social media you have to watch for child predators. They tend to prey on the young that are vulnerable and will do anything. I believe social media has a lot to do with children and also woman that go missing. You never know who is on the other side of the cyber world. Social media has its pros and its cons. Social media can cause devastating consequences to your personal lives through deception. People make up stories and mislead others, while targets are unaware or do not expect such acts that are taking place. Raising awareness could help protect users of social media. In most social media platforms, communication is generally text-based and asynchronous, giving deceivers an advantage for altering content. (Communications of the ACM 2014). In the article “Why use Social Media?” Focused on the process of managing social media channels, setting goals and strategies and measuring the efforts made by using social media all within a library setting. By listening helps to understand the general issues within the community. By saving important alerts to your library allows you to see what customers or what a person within the community thinks of your created library Posting on your library about what is happening or upcoming events will allow others to see them and want to respond back. This article also provided tips on how to communicate with customers that use social media. The article gave advice that users can use to keep people interested in their library. It also gave the advice of making sure the information on your library is relevant, consistent and up to date with new information so that it can help keep the interest of its users. The article “Why use