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Social Media

Communication is an essential part of our everyday human life. From drawing on a wall in a cave to writing an email. Whether we are communicating through verbal, written or the new trend now social media and social networking. This new sensation alters us in such ways that we can access it at all times, because we have it at the tip of our fingers through our mobile devices. This new trend social media is like a two sided coin: no matter which side you choose someone is winning and someone is losing. Never has it been so easy to meet new people that have the same interests or same views on today’s politics. Through social media you can keep in touch with friends from all over the world and not even leave the confines of your own home. Social media can allow businesses to improve customer service, reduce costs and increase sales. (Azhar, 2011) This phenomenon we know today as social media can help people break out of their socially awkward shell and let people communicate easily through such websites as Facebook or Skype. No one can argue that social media has and will continue to have a certain impact on today’s society, but will it have a long standing positive affect or will society find out how to kill our outlook on social media. Social media has negatives such as distractions. Blogging is a way people can become distracting and bring non work related issues to the workplace. Some people have lost their jobs because they are so interested in what is going on in the social media world. Also with social media people can become victims of internet bullying, all because of something that someone posted on their personal social media website. Easily obtainable information has its pros and cons. All throughout the members of social media they can easily filter out personal information, but some choose not to. That can be good for some reasons. People can catch up with old friends that they grew up with. Some other advantages is that information is obtained without little or no effort. Some disadvantages are that some of this easy obtainable information is not credible. Have you ever heard of the saying “If It is too easy then there must be something wrong with it.” Also in media some disadvantages are that some editors only take the opinion of certain experts. Which gives your audience the opinions of only one person on a certain issue. If these facts were brought to the public on how some of this information is not true. Some people can use social media for one reason and other might use it for another, it just depends on what they plan on retaining as their own knowledge. Some disadvantages of the everyday user is that they become stuck in a repetitive mode where they cannot function until they have accessed the social media. Studies show that regular blogging helps position you and your company as an expert in your field. (Rector, 2011) Also people who look to social media for opinions can be bad