Social Media Essay

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Social Media

These days, according to “Internet Statistic World,” approximately 7 billion people in the world are using the internet. It is almost everyone in the world. It means people can even have a business on the internet or people can communicate with people all around the world. Step by step the social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, has been growing up and became one of the biggest industries. In social media, there are a lot of businesses as if youtubers get sponsored by McDonalds and Taco bell and they advertise those brands on YouTube.

YouTube is a nice example here. A lot of youtubers make videos on YouTube for fun or showing how talented they are. Tyler Oakley, who has 4 million subscribers, started making videos for his friends who went different colleges. He wanted to communicate with them by showing him, not only talking on the phone. The first video, he made, had more amount of viewers than the amount of his friends. He realized that people wanted to see more his videos, so he decided to make more videos about what he likes. He started getting more and more viewers on his channel.

What makes them film more videos? Why do they make more videos? It is because they get motivated by the number of viewers. There are a lot of cases that motivated them to make videos because some of them got frustrated and discouraged by society, like depression. They wanted to talk to people about their depression, but nobody even tried to listen to them. Nigahiga has 11 million subscribers and PewDiePie has 24 million subscribers, which means Nigahiga has 11 million people, who listen to him regularly and give a comment that cheers him. Some of youtubers really have got over their depression and fit in the society again.

Everybody wants to be famous such as movie stars or singers or celebrities. How can a person be famous in a day? They want Likes on Facebook, followers on Twitter, and subscribers on YouTube. A youtuber started making videos that she was singing on, but now she does not sing a lot as before she did because she realized that she would not get more viewers if she only sings. She gives a life lesson or some tips on loves and friendships because she wants to get famous, not only what she wants to do, more like what people want to see.

You can definitely see youtubers collaborate with other youtubers because if a youtuber who has 500,000 subscribers collaborates with a youtuber who has 700,000 subscribers they can make 1.2 million viewers at least. Youtubers help each other out; youtubers who have many subscribers and viewers help youtubers who just got in and have less subscribers and viewers.

Many yotubers are very professional as if they have special equipment and a studio to record their songs or