Social Media Essay

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Life As We Know It Today in the life of teenagers or adults, social media distractions keep us from doing necessary things. Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Instagram, things of that nature hinder us from life outside the internet. Facebook, along with Twitter, keeps me from studying or doing my classwork. My mind will wander about other things, so I start reading Facebook or Twitter to forget about all the work that I wanted to accomplish. My dad or mom would interrupt to start complaining about me being on the internet or phone all the time, which makes me keep reading. Social media, however, does possess advantages. Been out of school for a while? Want to catch up with some old friends? Search for them on Facebook. Also meet new friends, come into contact with them some way other than the internet, but still become acquainted. Gossip has beocme a big part of today’s life as a teenager. Anybody can put anything they want onto social media, from pictures, videos, or just a status update. Anybody can be friends with many people on that social media website; they can read the gossip as well as tell anybody about what they have read. With many accolades about social media websites they receive a criticism. You may talk to all kinds of people through messaging on Facebook or Twitter, but meet somebody in public, what to say or even where to begin the conversation is a confliction. Nothing good ever comes out of social awkwardness it always leads to terrible goodbyes or