Social Media Essay

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Social Media
Ginger Enlet
April 20, 2015
Sherrie Madia
Social Media Some of the advantage of having an easily obtainable information is being able to catch the newest or hottest news. At the same time you can also listen to the latest updated songs on the billboard charts and watch the music videos of those songs. While you are watching and listening to your music you can also multitask by chatting up with your friends all at the same time. Having the advantage of an easily obtainable information is letting you do online banking, making reservations, shopping, or looking for a job. We students have are able to check our homework’s or check the class forum or just chat with classmates.
The disadvantage of having an easily obtainable information are personal theft, immorality or accuracy. Internet theft are lurking everywhere and are looking for the opportunity to steal our identity. Our personal information and relevant information that the Internet can obtain from our profiles and where we shop online which mainly is the place where most internet theft look into to steal our identity. There are also thousands of sites that have immortal materials which is not good and not all information given are accurate, correct and authentic.
As for social media, there are advantages and disadvantages of having social media. The advantages of having social media is it has an open communication giving the world the chance to hear what is going on in our world whether its local new or national news. It also allows employees to discuss whatever ideas they have and can post it share the links and ask questions. It helps many markets to expand or widen their business contacts and help the marketing campaign by delivering their communications and even providing specific websites. It helps improves the businesses reputation from the advertisement they make on the media.
The disadvantages of social media, as I already said in the second paragraph, is it gives the hackers the opportunity of committing a fraud, and/or launching spam and virus attacks. It keeps getting people to fall into traps when they fall for the online scams that are all over the internet. My brother had to learn the hard way. It was both for winning a price and finding a job. Even though he lost maybe approximately 200 dollars but then others might have lost more than him. When we were looking for an apartment here in Oahu we found a house that included everything like water, electricity, and utilities. When we asked for the showing they said that all we needed to do was sent them the money and they’ll send us the key to the apartment. It was weird that he wanted us to send the money but before we were to reply an alert came and said this was a scam and not to fall for it. We were