Social Media Analysis

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. The use of social media increases the level of empathy in individuals and thus, they become more supportive than they were initially. Therefore, this kind of connotes that those who are more social in real life are those who use social media networks more. Also, there is the advantage of increased social connectedness which is enjoyed as a result of the speed in which information is shared and the extent to which it is spread. However, the problem in this is that the information that becomes shared may not be questionable because of lack of credence and veracity of information (Staff, 2017). Therefore, to gain the best from the use of facebook as a social media then it is vital to ensure that an individual protects themselves from bad information, …show more content…
Social networking sites can be used positively through extending the offline activities or in complementing the real world communication were people have to meet face to face. However, the problem has been that social media is instead taking the place of face to face communication and replacing it as the sole way of communication. What results is that people end up with many connections and less of friends with whom they can actually trust in a real world scenario. Besides, the social media usage has been determine to have negative effects on the colligate students. Some of which include, depression, low self esteem and Body dysmorphia. All of this happens because social media tends to offer a distorted world whereby individuals tend to make selective posts of what represents the best of them. consequently, other individuals, presumably personal friends compare against that distorted world and get the feeling of being lesser of beings compared to their friends which is not the actual case. Therefore, since internet and social media is here to stay, avoiding it may not be the optimal diagnosis to offer. However, seeking how to use the internet as a complementary tool of communication and way of seeking to network may be the best way to make use of