Essay about Social Media and Video Games

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Case Questions
1. What could Cisco have done better?
2. Would this approach to using social media marketing work for all Cisco product launches, or was this a one-time deal that worked because it was so novel?
3. How could Cisco continue the engagement with the community it had built after the excitement and flurry of activity surrounding the launch died down?
4. How could she measure the return on investment from the campaign more precisely on a comparable set of metrics?

Professor Questions
1. What effect does the audience have on message delivery decisions?

2. How do blogs and video games differ from Facebook and Twitter?
Blogs and video games differ from Facebook and Twitter. For one, communication is different; Facebook and Twitter generate posts that are usually shorter, therefore people read them because they aren’t too complicated. Blog posts are generally longer, causing the user to scroll down. Most internet users want their browsing experience to be quick, clicking through pages at a fast rate. Communication through video games is mostly done through a headset or chat box. People are too focused on their game to type out messages. Another difference is the purpose of the each. Facebook and Twitter is to connect with your friends, family and celebrities. With these two social media applications, people can view photos and updates of who they are connected too. With video games, the purpose is to beat the next level or unlock upgrades, there’s no need to have