Social Media Applications

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Business Applications of Social Media Overview

As an IT consultant for Studio Purple, you have been asked to recommend Web 2.0 technology (social media tools) for marketing and promotion.

Use the table below to:
Provide a brief description of different social media tools. Include an example for each.
Suggest way(s) that Studio Purple may use the tool.
Consider the pros and cons of using the tool for business use.
Choose one form of social media to create a simple prototype for Studio Purple (see directions below the table).
When you are finished, save and submit this entire Word document to the instructor.

Social Media Tool
Description and Example
Ways Studio Purple Might Use the Tool
Pros for Using the Tool
Cons for Using the Tool
Facebook is a social network site that offers users a variety of ways to publicly or privately share data to others who might be interesting in them. Facebook users can post public thoughts on other users' pages, send private emails or chats, search for and connect with people with the same interests. For example, businesses can use Facebook to connect with existing or potential customers by creating a business page which allows users to post questions or learn more about the company. On the Facebook business page, companies can also view how much visits the page has received and where they come from,
Studio Purple can create a Facebook business page as a means of promoting and selling its product and services. This tool can also be used to provide quality customer service. Studio Purple will also have the ability to include Facebook details on their company’s sites or blogs so customers can connect that way too.
Facebook is a great tool for pushing a direct sales approach like sending out updates of discounts and coupons, limited-time deals, new releases and promotions
Individuals may get turned off if the page is not structured properly to create a structure that allows a balance between valuable information about the company and/or products and promotions. The page contents can be viewed as annoying without the balance between sales pitch and relevant informative.

Wiki is a web-based application or a type of content management system which serves many different purposes such as knowledge management, note taking and community websites. A Wiki is different from a blog as the content is created without any defined owner or leader.
Studio purple can use Wiki for in-house as well as for public knowledge base management. A Wiki can be used as a surrogate knowledge base so that employees who are not so tech savvy can use to it solve the most common problems such as what to do when documents aren't printing. It can also be used to create and distribute information about the company to a large group of readers including work related information for the employees of Studio Purple. For example, Studio Purple can create frequently asked questions (FAQs) about its company, product and services.
Wiki is a great tool for dispensing information across the globe. It provides a method for individuals in different locations to work together seamlessly and share information.
Because Wiki allows individuals to add, modify, or delete contents, there may arise some security as well as some credibility issues. Some Wiki may permit control over changing, adding or removing material while others may permit access without enforcing access control to organize content.

Twitter is an online service that allows users to share updates with other users. It is not as functional as Facebook but it has become the next hot trend in social networking. This is partly due to its simplicity and the fact that It allows friends, family, and complete strangers to stay connected through quick updates that only take a couple of seconds to write.
Studio Purple can use Twitter as a channel of communication and also to maintain branding visibility online. Studio purple can also