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Jake Paul
Ms. Morales
IBAP Lit/Lang
Facebook becomes Fakebook Facebook has a lot to offer, it has the ability to connect you with friends and people all over the world, it uses group pages and chats that allow to you to be in touch with a number of people at once, and it also includes many other desirable features. There are however negatives to Facebook as well, and it’s sort of up-to-you to determine whether or not they are negatives. The NSA and various advertising companies have been secretly buying peoples private information from Facebook. Competing social media is beginning to overtake Facebook. I think that Facebook is seen mainly for its use of communication but in reality has other aspects that are potentially beneficial and also potentially corrosive to social media as a whole. Facebook has a lot of really interesting and helpful features. Facebook gives you the ability to be “friends” and “chat” with whomever you choose and doesn’t limit you to any specific location. It is also used by students in order of controlling out-of-classroom based clubs in which students are able to post documents and or questions regarding the topic at hand. Like other social Media websites Facebook allows you to post pictures and status updates about what you’re doing, who you’re with and where you are. There is a place on Facebook for everyone. Children that use Facebook may find entertainment in using any of Facebook’s game that are based solely through Facebook itself. Adults and people in business use it to stay connected and use things like pages and/ or groups to converse with people they work with. Teenagers use Facebook to stay in touch with their friends and post statutes about what they’re doing or feel like. However there is no limit to Facebook’s many features you choose to use. While Facebook is seen as the top competitor in social media today, we should stop and take a look at what it’s actually doing for us. Blinded by the positive talk of Facebook, many forget to realize that there are several negatives to Facebook today. Facebook’s profiling system lets you choose what you want to have on your profile, these types of things include, your phone number, address, date of birth, relatives, so on and so forth. However, many are fooled when they believe Facebook is 100% confidential with all the information they put onto their website. Making a profile on Facebook including all of your personal information is Facebook’s ticket to selling your information to the NSA and other brand name companies. Facebook sells your personal data to online marketers. "Online marketers look at signals," Pasi said. "Did someone visit a snowboarding vacation site, or put a new snowboarding jacket in their online shopping cart and not buy it? Have they been searching for snowboarding equipment? These are the types of things that signal a marketer that a consumer is interested in, or intent on, making a purchase." Information like this can be taken from your Facebook profile and while it may seem like what you are putting “out-there” isn’t harmful, it can make you a target for specific marketing goals. It’s an invasion of privacy whether the information being sold is personal or not. “In a post on Quora, a user wrote, ‘I have noticed in myself … that becoming continuously and actively involved in a new social network often leads soon to the cessation of involvement in another one.’” Facebook for all of your status updates, Twitter for the inside scoop on things, Instagram for photos, and so on. I think that having all of these different social networks is a waste of time and energy. To me, Facebook seems to be the gateway to all social media. I feel like before anything else a new ‘social-networker’ uses Facebook before creating an account on any other social network. Social Networking could take turn in a whole new direction