Social Media Impact On 21 Century

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Social Media Impact on 21 Century
Technologies help us keep in touch with each others regardless our distance, regions and country. Social media is a website or some sort of software to share our ideas or participate in networking. Especially Facebook and Twitter are significantly stand out in adolescent group in our society. About 152.1 millions Americans use Facebook a least once a month in 2013 and 85 millions Americans use Facebook once a month in 2009 (Number of Facebook Users). Social media are helping human to communicate and exchange ideas globally, but also shorten our communication skills with each other “face to face”.
Social media developed for long time and we can easily find them. TED talk “How social media can make history”, Clay informed us that about couple hundred years ago, that there was two way communication tools, such as telegraph. It was starting with slow text conversation and then voice message (How social media can make history). Then Marcia wrote in his paper that first social media website was operate in 1997 and was called SNS. It has bunch of software and running pretty similar to modern networking site, Facebook or Twitter. Social media is special because it improve interaction with friends and enlarge our relationships (Do social networking sites threaten privacy rights?) .
Nowaday, social media not only provide Facebook or Twitter platforms, but also some other applications can work for us, such as WhatsApp Messenger, Goby and Google Schemer. There are more interesting software for us to discover. WhatsApp can let me send text, video, picture and voice message to my friends or parents and Google Schemer can let me make friends with neighborhoods. Vauhini suggest that if we’re trying to meet with friends, Google Schemer and Goby will be the good choice to do with. Goby can sort out events in categories and we can make plan with it. Schemer will display friends’ suggestion and their opinion, so that make decisions (Vara, Vauhini).
Schultz and Delo reported that Twitter has a application that can let advertiser track ages of users in order to give permission to let users follow alcohol company, Such as big brand Coors Light. If user is trying to follow one of these brand of alcohol company, he or she needs to fill out a form from the website. Depends on the information they provide, Twitter will decide weather they are under 21 or above 21. If above 21 which are legal to drink alcohol, then they can follow and do not need to fill the form anymore. This feature also allow alcohol company to check how many people follow their products and government to check if there’s any risk of drinking in our society (Schultz, E.J. and Delo, Cotton).
My friends and I desire to communicate freely with no restrictions and to share ideas, opinions and viewpoints around all over the world. Marcia wrote that software helps people communicate and reach each others online and its popularity of users keep growing yearly. But some protester believe that young people use so much energy socialize online and effect their relationship and how they relate to their communities. (Clemmitt, Marcia).
Marcia mentioned what California State's Rosen said, “It's a tough area to study” because all the things were new on internet media, and no answers about them in his paper (Clemmitt, Marcia). Teenager seems push themselves into difficult relationship, because they felt more comfortable in using cellphone and chatting with friends. You may see this happen in some situation. Such as having dinner with family, teens may pull out their cell phone and staring it with silence. No greetings and even no eye contact with their family. Most people may not consider this is rude. Children start to text instead of talking and they are getting misunderstanding the foundation of communications. Marcia claimed that especially if spend more