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Born In Brooklyn Skincare
How to build a better social media presence and engagement
Create a Youtube Account
Your online audience wants to know who you are
Create a short and fun introduction video
Create behind the scene videos on how to make products like sugar scrubs, mud masks, etc.
Make sure to effectively tag the video. (#DIY, #SugarScrub, #Skincare, #BTS, #BornInBrooklyn, #BIB, etc.
Film little skincare tips videos.
Film videos on how-to use your product. Be creative and standout.
Capture videos of your company at events.
Try to capture customer’s immediate reaction at events to upload onto Youtube.
BE CONSISTENT! Film and upload videos as much as you can
Look into applying for a Youtube Partnership so you can earn money for your videos based on views.
Create a blog for your brand
Every skincare company I have come across has a blog for their brand
Examples of beauty/skincare company blogs are This is another way to build that online presence for your brand
The blog should be a beauty/skincare focused blog
It should feature skincare tips, beauty tips, product and brand information
Be creative and come up with original material
Here you can also link your Youtube tutorial and how-to videos to create blog post.
Look for up and coming beauty bloggers or bloggers who have some knowledge about beauty and skincare to hire as interns to write effective blog posts. Make sure they’re comfortable with filming videos, tutorials, etc.
You want to make sure that you are at least uploading a blog post three times a week.
As the owner you should also write about four blog post each month
Blogs about the product and tips shows customers and your audience that you know what you’re talking about.

Twitter: (Things we aren’t doing)
Engaging with Twitter followers.
Even though you want to build awareness of your brand on Twitter, every tweet shouldn’t be about your business.
Have fun and be quirky on Twitter.
Reply to your followers tweets
For example: Twitter follower tweets: “I need my morning coffee. You can reply with something witty or even an agreement tweet. Your followers love when their favorite brands are reading and replying to their tweets.
Spend time on twitter looking through relevant keywords associated with your brand like DIY, Skincare, Body Scrubs, Sugar Scrubs, Skincare Products, etc. You can use this time to suggest your product to twitter users for example and even find bloggers/Vloggers who may be willing to do product