Social Media In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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In this modern age, social media usage is booming, as people rarely look up from their phones or away from their computer screens. Instead, individuals invest their time into creating a profile on social media to portray themselves as “cool” or “popular.” In the novel Animal Farm, George Orwell discusses how a character named Molly spends her time only caring about her looks and showing off her appearance to the other animals. She does this so much that she loses sight of the real goals of Animal Farm. For example, before the Rebellion, all Molly was concerned about was whether there would be ribbons and sugar cubes when the humans were overthrown. After the rebellion, she became dissatisfied with the lack of these items and how the other animals …show more content…
On the contrary, social media does the opposite in some cases. It can create a “false sense of connection”, and cause people to fear being alone. On social media, people create friendships that may or may not be real. And because of the constant online presence of other people, it can be hard for people to be alone without simultaneously being on their social media account. According to social psychologist Dr. Sherry Turkle, “Social media feeds this anxiety about being alone with our thoughts… and prevents us from learning to enjoy our own company”(Pheterson, "10 (Good and Bad) Ways Social Media Affects Your Mental Health"). Also, constant communication using social media can make it difficult for people to talk to others in person. Dr. Turkle also said that,”Over time, you almost start to feel phobic about conversation” ("Sherry Turkle, Ph.D."). For people who excessively use social media as a method of communication, the prospect of conversing with other people face to face create stress and anxiety. As a result, individuals may avoid others in general can also lead to loneliness and depression. They may have “friends” online, but such internet connections are not always real, nor are they as fulfilling as real friendships. Social media can be detrimental to both your personal and social life in the real