Social Media In The Military Essay

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Army Online Conduct & Social Media
Their Effects on the Military
The usage and effects of social media, in its many forms, are vast and widespread, both within our country as well as internationally. Websites and mobile applications, allow their social media users to share content and communicate over worldwide networks. “The number of social media users in 2018 is 3.196 billion, up 13 percent year-on-year.” (See Appendix for Global Digital Report 2018). With such popularity and social acceptance, we can reach others where previously we could not. This type of communication requires standards of conduct that are appropriate and effective for the far-reaching effects of social media platforms. This is true with all audiences and users
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Lopez discusses the various measures in place in response to the increased use of social media by our Military. The Army released an All Army Activities (ALARACT) message in July 2015 and again in February 2017 The Army ALARACT 075-2017 message describes expectations for the Army team, including training and education in line with Service members understanding that misconduct is not consistent with Army values. This ALARACT message also introduced, “Think, Type, Post”, precept and its website, which urges Service members to think about what they are going to send, type it in such a way that it adheres to Army values and conduct, and post communications exemplifying dignity and respect for themselves and for others. The Military’s existing annual Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) training program has developed a handbook outlining the expectations for proper social media and online conduct. In addition to implementing measures meant to curb online misconduct, the Army also instituted reporting mechanisms for victims/witnesses of offensive online communications and follow-up procedures for their chains of command to