Social Media Influence

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It provides the communication team with an opportunity to promote and form an understanding and public awareness of programmes, research, and work in the university. The output of the team’s work demonstrates the effect of using social media to attract the highest quality talent and students to the university.

Identify the ways in which social media usage influences the performance of organisations. Study social media in the West, and establish its effects on Western organisations. Undertake a case study on the effectiveness of a Western organisation. Study social media in KSA, and establish its influence on the effectiveness of organisations in KSA. Undertake a case study on the effectiveness of an organisation in KSA. Undertake
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Hence, it appears that social media has been utilised in two main ways: Firstly, there is the communication process between the organisation and external parties (e.g. vendors, the public, and customers).
• Secondly, there is the internal communication and interaction within a company. Forits external communications, an organisation draws up a multi axes plan that intersects with a number of different platforms, i.e. maintaining pages on public social networking sites such as Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook, used to broadcast company messages.
• The employees of these organisations occasionally write posts on the website containing news, and they employ the facilities of the sites for social tagging. For internal communications, most organisations develop an internal social media platform, encompassing many functions, i.e. the majority of internal social media platforms emulate the prevalent social networking sites in feel and functionality, while their appearance tends to emulate Facebook.
• Thus, this research will study the ways in which such social media usage affects all aspects of organisations. Also finding the importance of social media in reflecting it is content on real life companies working strategy considered as important
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• Brands dataset: involves a collection of the most popular brands communication companies such as {STC in Saudi Arabia…. etc.}.

• Services dataset: it may involve information as a third keyword for the searching process such as a new cell phone line or a new offer from the communications companies.

As mentioned before, the method that has been used is the (topsy website). The topsy is an engine for "real-time search", and as mentioned, a list of keywords in three datasets has been used in the searching process. So every time of searching, the search index will be contained a keyword from brand dataset and a keyword from product dataset and a keyword from opinion dataset. To extract tweets that contain the opinion of such user in a specific product that a specific company producing it. Manually, this is very hard. Also is impossible to take all the combinations of all the keywords in the three data sets (brands, opinion, products) manually, so a code that is written in the python has been