Essay on Social Media Issues 07 2014

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Communication Issues due to Social Media
Allison Young
July 30, 2014
William Xenos "What is social media?" The overwhelming prospect of trying to join the conversation and where to start likely inhibits many people. Additionally, many would-be users see its usage as a waste of time along with being the purview of younger generations who fit the stereotype of being connected more to their devices than they are to people. Social media encompasses many different types of opportunities to engage and may not suit everyone (Walaski, 2013).
Social media usage has for some time created disadvantages. One common issue block is the inability to control the message. Of course, the very foundation of social media is the ability of anyone to engage, with limited restrictions on what is said. Social media use historically has been about the ability of these platforms to remain free of restrictions, although some people use social media platforms to spread information they know to be incorrect and/or to use it for malicious intent. And some users are simply not reasonable or rational and use the anonymity as a means to see how outlandish a message they can post American Red Cross has performed several studies on the information-seeking behaviors of people in an emergency. Its 2009 study found that social media sites are the fourth most popular source for emergency information. The 2010 survey found that roughly half of respondents said they would sign up for e-mails and