Essay on Social Media Policies

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WK 1: Written Assignment – Social Media Policies

Cindy Yost
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This paper is being submitted on May 22, 2013, for Denise Gillson, B347/MAN3429 Section 05 Modern Human Resource Management - Early Summer 2013

Social Media Policies
Some “best practices” that should be incorporated into a social media policy would be: * Use the company social media sites for professional purposes such as commenting on the business when customers have questions and concerns. Set up a mechanism for responding to every comment that requires a reply. * Utilize the employee communications department and partner with them to develop new polices. Cite material included in your articles, and provide links to original sources where possible and appropriate. * Consider, define and clearly communicate to employees what information is appropriate or inappropriate to disclose. Don’t write about confidential conversations. * Make sure you identify your relationship with the company. Do not write about competitors in a negative way. Be respectful of others in your industry. * Let customers know you listened when they post feedback. Respond appropriately. * Establish a steward of the company, such as the employee communications department, that approves all of content published on all social media sites. This policy sets the requirements as well as the roles and responsibilities for all content published. Social media sites include all technologies that provide online information or services, including video and collaborative technologies. To ensure clear, concise and consistent messages, all social media sites must comply with standards for visual style, editing and content and, be available by means of a single point of access. All employees and consultants working on social media sites must comply with company standards. * Acknowledge mistakes and fix errors on your blog in a timely and open manner. If information needs to be deleted because it is confidential and was posted in error, delete the information and state why the information has been deleted. * Make sure employees understand that the mp3 files associated with podcasts are permanent and that it is not possible to remove mp3 files in the same way it is possible to take down blog content. The same permanent nature applies to video files. * Communicate the policy clearly to employees. Recommend to employees that if they believe