Essay on Social Mobility

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Adrianna Davis
October 17, 2012
Mrs. Wagner/Sociology

My Last Discussion Based Assignment Summary
In this discussion that I had with my teacher, we recapped back to chapter six on what ascribed and achieved status is. My response to that was that ascribed is what you are born with and achieved is what you have earned through your years. My teacher told me to describe my statuses. My response was the my ascribed status is that I was born with black hair and black skin and that my achieved status is that I earned eight hours from volunteering at the Heart Walk. After I gave my teacher my response, she then asked me what Gender Roles were. I was having a difficult time remembering what it was. My teacher then gave me an example of what it was asking that who says that girls should wear pink. I had to think really hard about this. The answer was that society says that girls should wear pink. Other example of what my teacher says is that boys play with toy trucks and girls like to dress up like a princess.After that question was answered we moved on to what social mobility is. I couldn’t remember a little of what social mobility is.
My teacher then asked when something mobile what does it do. My answer was that when something is mobile it moves around. She also asked about the different types of classes people are classified in. My response was that there was the lower, middle, and upper class . She then asked me how social mobility falls into that (which was difficult to…