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“Are You an African?” The Politics of Self-Construction in Status-Based Social Movements.

Summary: This article specifically states that they are speaking upon the issue of social movements. The realism that they only influence negative imagines to the generation. Instead of spending time sending bad images try to make the next generation knows this is the right way to live life truthfully. This why the authors speak about how there are two different types of social movements. The first is an offshoot of the anti-death penalty movement known as “pro-black abolitionism. The second is a subgenre within hip hop, and it is referred to as “underground”, or “conscious” hip hop. They started collecting data which led them to the hypothesis that each movement offers a best case scenario for mutual recognition and political engagement across differences of identity. They are trying to inform people of the negative effects on the youth though the social movements.
Assess: this source is very useful because it shows the social networks point of view on the black youth. How it can influence/persuade you into doing things you desire the most out of life. The authors give many examples of their research. They gave citation of the people they gathered quotes from and performed tests to prove of their hypothesis were correct. I would definitely say that is information reliable because they not only gave the names of the people who knew about the subject but they also ran tests themselves and had great outcomes. This source is very objective because they prove that this now just a guess on what’s happening this is what happening. Their main goals I would say is how they want people to realize that this world is being raised by social movements. Meaning every generation of moms is getting younger and younger. Also, meaning they is not going to want to stay home and be responsible, because they’re still young wanted to have fun. As that child grows up he is going to start using the internet and listening to music that is going to influence him cause he didn’t have that person.
Reflect: this source of information was very helpful for me because McCorkel and Rodriquez speak upon the different section of hip hop music/social media. My argument could be about how hip hop music is a negative social movement or how easy it to get influenced by the message. I give a different viewing angel with the social movements.
What We Hear is Meaning Too: Deconstruction, Dialogue, and Music
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