Social Netowrking Essay

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Social Networking is Bullying At any given moment there are millions of people on social networking sites around the globe. People use social networking to expose personal information such as address, age, and pictures. Many use social networking as a form of communication with friends and family. What people don’t know is that people are taking advantage of being behind and screen and not being seen. They create fake profiles. Although many people use social networking as a way to communicate with friends and family, one must see the danger of online predators that attack people financially and engage in inappropriate relationships with young people. Many people use social networking to communicate with friends and family, they don’t often realize the dangerous aspects of fake profiles. “A social networking site is an online database where individuals can create profiles and log into meet other people who share their interest” (Wagner, Geraldine). people do you social networking for appropriate situations but often times don’t understand that others do not. “Young men and women often place their trust and reveal personal information when they believe they are talking to another teen” (Sexton). People don’t comprehend that the individual they are communicating with over the internet is not who they say they are. People send emails asking for financial help, users make fake profiles to get attention, only because there not receiving it. It is easier to communicate with people without face to face interaction. People want to be themselves without being judge, and they find that by expressing themselves over the internet. Social networking is a great way to speak your voice but it also creates ways for cyber bullies to attack. “Third spaces (extracurricular zones of activity) also respond to the rowing need among teens to socialize, and allow youth to express themselves in an area that is not dominated by adults” (Wagner, Whittaker). Teens feel more comfortable with themselves and more open with others over the web. They don’t feel judged by other users because they don’t have to see the face to face.