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Communication is a very important part for us humans when it comes to interacting and developing society. Since we humans came to earth, we have communicated with each other in several ways: body language, signal language, smoke signals, signals with different sounds, etc. But most of the communication that we humans use today is using the word, either in writing or speaking form.

The entire Internet has undergone an evolution from "just" be a place where users are looking for information or action, to be a place where users make contacts, create friends and exchange information and opinions. It has become an integral part of our lives. An important development is that users no longer just take part of the information - they are in it and creating it by typing, uploading photos and videos and make their own status updates.

An image that is often portrayed in terms of social networking on the Internet is that it prevents people from meeting in the real world. And no matter how we define what is socially - to socialize with ten friends online and share experiences in the cloud, or coffee with a friend - the image of the physically isolated internet man is a myth. A study by shows what I just said. The survey is from 2010 where you can see that we clearly create larger network. Jeffrey Cole from the Center for Digital Future in California who researches how the Internet affects people's lives over time claims also that, “Socializing with the family does not decrease. Socializing with friends increases even a little when people start using the Internet. Many people use the technology to arrange real meetings”.

Education Database Online blog has published an interesting article that shows how Facebook and Twitter have both positive and negative effects on one's studies. Positive effects include that students who use Facebook have a more positive view of themselves and see themselves in a larger context and not least more connected to school or university and become more involved in different ways. Same time we can show that those who read literature while utilizing Facebook gets 20% worse results on test data than those who focus entirely on the books, and therefore refrain from multitasking. There also seems to be that students who use Facebook more easily become depressed than non-their users.

Users of social media are disturbed by the large amount of advertising that is exposed on the sides. Corporate misguided attempt to communicate with users leads to "mountains of digital garbage", which increases the noise and make it harder for companies to be heard. Dissatisfaction is a major setback for sites like Facebook that are increasingly investing in advertising to increase their revenues.
Instead of quickly and inexpensively communicate their messages to users via business pages on Facebook and their own blogs, it turns out that if communication is not carefully targeted to specific audiences, the invested time and money is wasted. In the same time users keeps putting activities on the web where they produce their own content and comments on companies and their brands. This leads to a large digital noise that makes it even more difficult for companies to themselves be heard, which is a huge challenge for those who want to have a dialogue with their consumers online. A study of Forrseter e-commerce questioning the value of advertising in social media. Less than 1% of all purchases are influenced by ads on social networks like Facebook. Which does not feel completely illogical, who cares about advertising on Facebook? It has eyes focused on the news and the ads are most an annoyance. I think more that companies