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The Facebook
We are the Facebook generation that means people who grew up in a world where the use of online social networking is common (Malcolm). Some people said Facebook is a bad promoter of relationships in real life. But I think Facebook is the perfect tool for keeping up with our friends and family relationships, and that make our get News fastest. Facebook is the ultimate social connection: we could send messages, chat with online users, post updates, edit profiles and upload our pictures. I can say almost all college students have Facebook. Before, November 30, 2013 had 1.19 billion monthly active users (Menlo). Facebook is online social networking services provided by the United States incorporated. Facebook founded in 2004 until now, the facebook become the world's biggest social network. Facebook has more than one billion users in 2012, about half the number used every day Facebook. The company's headquarters in Menlo Park, California ("Facebook"). If we did not have Facebook, that would be very inconvenient. In our society, all most people had Facebook account.
In my personal experience, before I came to the United States, I did not have a Facebook account. When I went the first day to class, my classmate cheerfully asked me, “Do you have Facebook? I will add you!” I said I did not have Facebook; I felt so awkward because he looked so surprised and lost. I tried explaining to him that I could not see Facebook in China. After that, when I went back home, I registered a Facebook account. I found my friends from Graph Search tool and added them. I sent messages to everyone including some friends who did not have frequent contact with me. They replied to the messages from me, and talked a lot. In China, we did not have Facebook, but we have another tool which is very similar. Now, I have more than one hundred friends on my Facebook account. When I make a new friend, I must ask him or her, “Do you have Facebook? I will add you.” That will be keeping up our friendships, and I can now know my new friend better.
In the Facebook, we can update our pictures to Facebook web. We can update our vacation or party pictures to Facebook, and share our happy experience with our friends. Meanwhile, we can talk with our friends about our pictures and experience in the below picture common bar, and we can see our friends’ pictures and write a comment. When we talk about our pictures, we can keep up our relationships as well. When we write the comment about pictures, that can keep in contact with our friends.
There is another thing to explain why I said Facebook is very convenient. Once, I lost my old phone which had saved all my friends’ phone number, and I had not copied it anywhere. So, I sent a message to Facebook, and every one of my friends could see it. I wrote “I lost my phone and I lost everyone’s phone number. If you see this message, please send a phone message to me.” After that, I got a lot of friends’ messages and saved their phone numbers. Facebook makes our communication more convenient. Nonetheless, I understood I must know how to protect my privacy.
Facebook has been developing a new search interface and Bing and co launched the Facebook graph search in the testing phase. To use it, Facebook users need to access request, but Facebook claims to have "tens of thousands of people who use it". Once enabled, map the upper left corner of the search box. Enter a query graph search box, the recommendation of friends, people, games, applications, enterprises, organizations, locations, and more the drop-down list. While the graph search is the focus of the search for information in the Facebook universe, rather than a general web search, it can show the web from the search options Bing. Select options in the Facebook information, the right side of the page is to further refine the search results more