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How well do Randstad use the internet and its website?
Randstad uses the internet for many things such as international marketing and advertising. There website is very user friendly as its layout is easy to use and people can easily find what they are looking for. Randstad use the internet for people to find jobs within the sector they are looking for, by making users have a user name and password they are securing the information users put into the site for data protection so that no one is able to access any personal information apart from the user themselves.
Randstad uses 3 stages to ensure that there website is user friendly: * Consultancy: this is to ensure that the customer gets all the information and advice they are looking for, to ensure this happens Randstad particularly work with topics such as Content Management, House-Style Development and Implementation, Usability, Corporate Identity, (Interaction) Design, SEO, Web Statistics, Mailings, Social Media Integration, Web Services, RSS Feeds, Front Office and System Integration. (Bit Agency) * Design: design is a main aspect when Randstad are making their website they believe that the message that needs to be sent out to client is to determine them to use the page, Randstad specialise in graphic and web design. If they are making something completely new or just touching up the current website they ensure that the design is passed through to technical experts to ensure that the user will not find it difficult to use. (Bit Agency) * Development: when using the internet Randstad are always looking for ways to develop if it is by changing the site or making information clear, they will always look for a way to make sure the website is fit for its purpose which is to make sure that clients are able to get all information they need. (Bit Agency)
With the internet Randstad not only just keep their website private but they make it public by linking it with social websites such as: * Facebook * Twitter * Linked in
These features are included in the user friendly CMS which not only enables you to access it at ease but to access it through the intranet as well as just the internet.
Randstads website meets the firm’s needs when it comes to interacting with customers. Randstad communicate with customers by giving a call back option so if a customer needs advice they can leave their details with them and they will call them back so the customer does not have the hassle of having to wait in a queue whilst on the phone. They also ask for other details such as email addresses so that if a customer is interested in something they have seen they can email the firm and the firm will respond via email to make sure that the firm and the client are communicating effectively.
Randstad is heavily used by customers with mixed opinions of the website, some people say that it is a waste of time and some say that it has helped them a lot. Looking at the reviews of the website it shows that there are more people that like to use the website more. (Review centre, 2011).
Overall Randstad believe that if their website is not to customers standards then they will not come back to use the website.
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How many new countries has your firm entered in the last five years? Is there any evidence of problems in integrating new business in any of these new markets? If so, explain what these issues are, and the extent to which the firm has overcome them. Has it left any markets over this same period? If so, what reason[s] were given for this exit from the market?

Over the past 5 years Randstad has entered into three countries such as Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. The problems that they are facing are language barriers especially within Thailand; they find this as a problem because when communicating between companies about success of companies sometimes information passed to each other may not be correct as there will always be the