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Is Social Networking – Doing Social Change?
There are many different views when it comes to social networking. Many believe that social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter have a positive impact on the United States. Social networking can reduce loneliness and is a good way to stay in touch with distant family and friends. Others believe social networking has very negative impacts on the United States. Even though it reduces loneliness it can cause cyber-bullying and the sites are a distraction to the learning and/or work environment. Also, the time the world’s population uses on social networking is useless and can be used doing something more active and involved with human interaction. Social networking does little good and a lot of harm to the world. Hopefully the information presented here will show that social networking has a negative influence on the United States. Why do sites like Facebook and Twitter have so many active users? It is a waste of time. The amount of people using social networking has increased a huge amount. “As of January 2011 more than 500 million people worldwide use Facebook.” (Kariza 27). The number of people using social networking sites is through the roof. The internet is used by 30 percent of the world’s population. Social Networks are very bad things and have many affects. In addition, social networking can be a bad reflection of a person. “The images, people and words on a person’s page are a reflection of personal character.” (Online Social Networking). People who post inappropriate stuff can get blocked from certain sites.
“Social networks, which are rapidly becoming the portals of the next generation, must place high strategic priority on their communications functionality if they wish to continue their pace of traffic growth, usage and retention.” (Young). One of the main issues with social networking is cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying is to intimidate or harass someone on the internet or social networking sites. Cyber-bullying is also when someone post or talk about someone or pretends to be someone that you are not. “It may be possible that young people who have no experience of a world without online societies, put less value on their real world identities and can therefore be at risk in their real lives, perhaps more vulnerable to impulsive behavior or even suicide.” (Tyagi). There have been people who have killed themselves due to cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying is a big issue and one of the main causes of teen suicide. “To rebut examples of proactive use of social networks, you could counter with tragic ones, including a recent hoax by an adult “neighbor” that caused the suicide of 13- year old Megan Meier.” (Bugeja). As seen from these examples social networking can be a very negative thing. Parents and networks need to monitor cyber-bullying online to help cut back on deaths. Why spend five hours a day on Facebook when that time can be spent with family playing games and bonding? “Over 72 percent of firms believe employees’ behavior on social networking sites could danger their businesses security.” (Sophos). The only reason for this is because people spend more time on social sites than doing actual work. This is why most businesses and schools block these sites. “According to a study done in 2008, young people spent most of their time on the internet visiting social networking sites- it was a daily habit for at least a quarter of the youth who participated in the study.” (Kariza 28). The United States has become adapted to using social networking sites all day and this daily habit is a leading cause of obesity. Sitting in front of a computer screen to update a Facebook status or “Tweeting” has taken away from the time spent going outside to exercise or hanging out with family. Social networking sites are starting to make students and adults think that, it is their first priority and that homework or housework does not matter. In the reasons