Social Networking Essay

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Connectivity or Entertainment Is social networking today mainly for the connectivity or the entertainment? Would today’s world be a lot more different if social networks ceased to exist? In the article “The Fakebook Generation”, Alice Mathias argues the Facebook sensation and how big it has grew throughout the different age groups. Mathias sides that Facebook grew because of its entertainment value and continually think that he has complete knowledge over how Facebook is used these days. He ignores the growing amount of people actually using the site for keeping in touch with people.
Mathias insistently points out that Facebook became popular due to its entertaining attributes. She states a large group of college students see it as an “online community theater” (p. 1). However it ignores the growing numbers of adults consider the web site as a place for actual social networking, keeping in touch with distant relatives or updating their current status for people to see. Facebook users constantly observe all the recent news and wall posts that come up on the wall frequently, which are visible to everyone. Alice continually states that “it is all comedy” (p.2) where making each other laugh with fake accounts and comedic groups/pages is becoming much more important rather than rendering true information about us. So, Mark Zuckerberg and his team ban fake users in order to reduce the quantity of artificial data. In this way, Facebook can become a more human connectivity tool.
According to the article, monitoring another person’s life secretly is another reason why Facebook is so popular today. The users like “stalking”(p.3) because it “indulges our gaze”(p.3). He also states for the