Social Networking: Facebook or Twitter Essay

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The term social network was originally created to distinguish between networks that were used for business purposes and those that were used for socializing. The term has been extended to include interactive websites with message boards, chat rooms or the ability to leave comments and have a discussion with other people. Examples of websites that are primarily used for socializing include Facebook and Twitter. A 2008 article in "USA Today" by Jon Schwartz noted that businesses are increasingly using social networks to boost productivity by allowing employees to work collaboratively online. Employees working for large corporations with offices in different parts of the world can collaborate on various projects using social networking websites. Some companies have even developed their own internal social networks. Some businesses have learned that social networking sites can provide an efficient way to advertise their products. It's common for Facebook and Twitter users to log in and see advertisements lining the outside column of their Internet browser. Based on information found on individuals' profiles, companies can post targeted ads on the websites to reach those who may have an interest in the product or service they offer. Geographic location, hobbies and even a person's career can determine what ads they see. Which social network is better for business, Facebook or Twitter? That is the question that businesses would like the answer too. They want to know what should they invest their time and money into more, Facebook or Twitter? Why is Facebook the best? There are many reasons as too why Facebook is the best social network to reach out to consumers on. Facebook has made a big step forward. Users of Facebook used to be able to only connect and share, but now they can promote their business and launch campaigns for their products. Facebook enables experts in social media to expand their capabilities and reach millions. Facebook also is an easy way to recruit new talent. The reason this is easy because the recruiter can simply create an open group, and see who joins, and then go from there. Also, having a Facebook page for a business can increase online visibility. A Facebook page is public and will be picked up by search engines. By updating the page regularly with links the business should move up the rankings. Twitter is a somewhat new social network. Twitter is an online social networking service and micro blogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as "tweets". Some people think that Twitter is the best social network for businesses. It actually