Social networking: our future Essay

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Diaz­Bejarano 1

April Diaz­Bejarano dos Santos
English 4P, Period 2
30 May 2014
Social Networking: Our Future Abstract:
The internet has become interesting essential to our society. Social networking has pervaded our everyday lives; we interact and are influenced by many different forms of networking. Many in which affect how we get and share the data we have just learned. The researcher wants to let the others know that information on networks can be very useful to us on a daily basis, keeps us up­to­date and we exchange the information we have learned with others.
She has chosen this topic because she believes social networking is key to our lives and our future in society.
The questions that conveyed the researcher are:
Question 1: Can social networking give more sources to exploit action?
Question 2: Is social networking good for our society?
Question 3: How does the advancement in technology help us grow as a society?

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Social networking can be a controversial topic when it comes to our society. People are quick to debate on whether its a positive or negative commodity. Some would say social networking is causing our society to rely on technology. Others would believe it enhances our creativity and technical skills. She concludes that social networking has opened to a variety of beneficial assets. Positions begin to take place as the technological world advances.
Social networking including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., has become our social independence. A number of, “800 teenagers… looked at more than 5,000 hrs of observation have concluded that the digital world is creating new opportunities for young people to grapple with social forms...develop technical skills and work on new forms of self­expression”... This study has founded that social networking has brought out positives outlets to jobs and sources of communication. ‘Social Networking also contributes greatly to teens extended friendships and interest.” (Goff 3,8). Social Networking has given more resources to exploit action such as,
Instant Messaging has incorporated a great impact on teenagers as a way to keep in touch with close friends and also create bonds with other people online. Teenagers are finding social networking as a great use of form in expressing their interests and distastes, also its been used to communicate with teachers outside of school.
Teachers are also finding social networking useful for communicating with students and parents. According to the California Watch in “Social networking helps students perform better…” Eleanor Yang address “...a high school science teacher experimented with social networking sites...she recorded presentations and posted them on social networks for students to refer back to as study guides.” (Su 7,8). Social networking is good for our society because, this type of resource has opened many doors for teacher careers and building a stronger foundation

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for kids who thrive success in their studies; but the dangers are faced when teachers step out of their boundaries. There has been news about teacher and student relationships in the past, this causes the school administrators to question their interaction with kids as a helpful or misguided situation. As though teachers wary; communications with their students does in fact help give them a better understanding of what their struggles are in school. “Many are not convinced that the sites improve communication...students simply use sites to procrastinate and catch up with friends.” (Su 4). It is said that kids might use the social networks as a way of an outlet of school, work, and chores; its really on how the parents control the usage of teens on the internet. Most parents might let them roam free with using the internet all the time but other parents might be a bit strict on their freedom with the online social networks. Its all narrowed down to how