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Social Networking Many have been taught to believe that social networking has become to be one of the worst discoveries in technology. I tend to believe that it has turned many of our lives around. With social networking natural disasters, crimes, and other alerting issues have been spread in greater time than the time it would normally take depending on our local news stations. On the less dramatic scale family events and reach out opportunities have been within a keyboards reach with the advancement of technology and social media. In one instant I heard of a family who had lost touch for years and with Facebook they were all able to reunite. That has brought them years of memories to come. Family is something that can make or break a person. The support we receive from family has a great impact on who we chose to become in life. Enhancing ones chances on restoring what was once lost for the better through technology is one of the greatest opportunities that one may be able to receive.
This article appeared at the height of the Twitter-mania craze created by the U.S. media. The author describes the evolution of both his own feelings about Twitter from initial skepticism to rapid appreciation and eventual fascination. The fascination is not with the simple Twitter software, but with the innovative ways in which it has been adapted and so widely adopted. This innovation is pointed to as evidence that the U.S. is still a leader in terms of influencing global lifestyles.