Social Networking in Business Essay

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Mike Swanstrom

Social Networking In Business

Social networking in business is the study of individuals interacting socially for business purposes. This can be done either electronically, or not electronically. Usually when social networking occurs electronically, it is achieved through network-based interfaces. Social networking is primarily focused around one thing: connections. One can utilize every social network that exists (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), but unless there is some type of value being provided on that network, (some reason that others would want to connect with that person), they stand no chance of successfully using social networking to make any progress from a business standpoint.
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LinkedIn – does it help Social Networking?
LinkedIn is different than Facebook and Twitter, in that it focuses just about solely on the professional aspect of social networking in business. While most Facebook and Twitter users utilize the site for social purposes, regardless of their intent for business, LinkedIn is strictly focused on improving one’s business. While one may find pictures of his/her boss having fun at happy hour on Facebook, or a video of a coworker’s party from college, viewers will find references, employment history and professional skills on LinkedIn. A LinkedIn profile may contain a picture, but it is typically acceptable for it to be a ‘less personal’ picture. LinkedIn has proven to be a very successful social networking site in the business world. It has become a focal site for online networking, in the sense that it is primarily business networking – almost like handing out business cards to anyone who views that person’s profile. LinkedIn’s tactics of utilizing social networking are very different than Facebook’s and Twitter’s, as it emphasizes on professionalism. Also, LinkedIn has a feature that allows users to join a number of groups, which contain users that have a thing in common. Examples include college alumni, coworkers, real estate groups, etc. This added feature shows