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Sierra Branch
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Social Media
Are social networks really exciting and hyped up about as they seem? Social media today is one of the biggest ways of communications that people use.. Social media networks have become very useful and for some very addictive, for myself I am guilty of that as well. However, social media sometimes are a big deal and can be used for positive and sometimes negative use. Whenever people are bored they search the internet for entertainment, pictures, friends, and online chats with other friends, family, or sometimes even significant others. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the new hottest websites where all young, middle age, and sometimes old folks use daily to communicate, find out new information’s, and find old friends all in one. My first criteria consist of visual presentation of the website Facebook overall. Facebook is a social network, which is blue and white web page, where you post daily statuses, of how you feel, your plans for the day, or maybe advice or quotes. On the left hand side of Facebook is where you would find columns like news feed, messages, event , and others apps you welcome to have on you profile to visit daily. On Facebook, when the page first pop up you see a status from all of the friends you have , some people up load pictures, or even videos. There is a search icon on the right hand side where you can find old friends from high school sometimes even elementary. Facebook reminds you when are your friends birthdays and about upcoming events; it allow you to let them know if your attending the event or not. , it allow you to play games and ask friends to play along with you . The visual presentation of Twitter; when you first open twitter you see a lot of tweets which are post of everything you do every minute and second, twitter is where you follow people you’re interested in seeing what they do in the everyday life every second and minute. Twitter have a DM section which is like an inbox. Twitter is a social site where you can post pictures and tweets only no videos. Twitter is where you can mention me people in tweets to acknowledge who you’re talking to. Twitter also allows you to look at trending topics where you can make comments on things that the world is talking about. When you’re on the twitter and you click on the discover button which is located on the left hand side of the page it allow you to see people you may have in common with others and may want to follow, and also see who you may want to follow and search for friends as well. Instagtram is a social site that used by pictures. The visual presentation of instagram , when instagram is first open there are people that you choose to follow and they have nothing but pictures posted of them at events, parties, weddings, out with friends, what they may have ate for the day. Instagram doesn’t have much to show as far as presentation, you can up load tweetgrams, which are pictures posted of words you written since it’s not a chatting site is only pictures. My second criteria is whether the social sites are easy to use. Facebook, is very useful and easy to work, whatever you need to find there is a column located to click on to lead on from one thing to the next. For an example if there is a notification for you from comments or likes of stauts on picutres there will be a red number above the link and you just click on it and it takes you right to the picture and notification. Facebook have pop up chat when you can communicate with whoever is on line at the time instead having to go back and for to messages it will be a pop up instant message right there so you can go back and forth. Facebook, aslo have a video talk with your friends where instead of writing you can just video call them right then and there which is very helpful and easy to use. Facebook is a website where if you were very knew to the site it would be easy to catch on and common since. Twitter