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In XXI century, information of technology is more developing and social networks are also developed, which make people in the world to see as they are a way of connecting because people could use social network like a way of chatting or sharing many things such as pictures, videos, news. Through this ability to connect people together in the world or find new relationships in large society of the world, people can find and built relationships more strong and keep relationship better. On the other hand, social network is also hided many bad things and it can lead to upheaval, which can destroy lives. There are many forms that social network can lead to upheaval and destroy people’s live, but there are three main types of upheaval such as cyber bulling, cyber stalking and online predators. Obviously, it is not strange anymore with people who use social networks when someone mention cyber bulling, cyber stalking and online predators, because they appear everywhere in social networks and happen everyday, there are many victims in social networks have got that, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Wordress or YouTube are one of the most popular apps and it is also the best example for cyber bulling, cyber stalking and online predators. In modern society, social network is as second world which helps people in working, studying and entertainment, this has showed that technology of information helps people to do many things. However, most of people are using social network as a tool to disturb people in social networks, the others use social network for the purpose with propagating degraved cultures or playing game online, watching degrave movies or something are addicted. This research paper will discuss and show that social networks are the way of connecting and discouraging people in communicating.

In modern society, people increasingly become more dependent on technology and go deep into technology, with all that changed the way that people use social networks. Technology has affected on people who use social networks, exactly the increase of attacking on social networks are happing more and more, this is a big problem with the users and social network companies. It has happened and has harmed to users such as threats to users about steal personal information. In fact that companies social network are trying to improve away information stealing in social networks. Facebook is a famous company of social network and it is also an example, Facebook know that everyone need to be ensured privacy and security when people use social network. Although there are many ways to protect privacy information, people are still posting personal information from many others sours general website and some large websites which have many users are logging everyday, this is not safe. Therefore, there has been many companies advised that people should be careful with the information that people are going to post in social networks,there is a sentences was said by Justin W. Patchin “Think before you Pause before you Post”(Justin W 2012) .The information that people are going to post, it needs to be checked carefully what kind of information that it can be posted in social network. The reason is these sources of information usually available in the Internet so people could connect and contact each other more effectively so people usually post personal information in the internet that do not think. On the other hand, the freedom of communicating and connecting are being created some bad things through communicate and connect,then users will be met the persons who wear evil mask that try to make the beautiful social networks of everyone become social upheaval and destroy people’s lives that is cyber bullying, cyber stalking and online predators.

People know that social networks are able to connect people and let them to post anything they want. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has demonstrated that “ 2 billion photos each day shared 1 billion less photos than videos