Social Norm Violation In Public Library

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Reflection Paper 1
A social norm violation I used in a public library in Denton, was the norm in which I would stare at unknown individual for a few minutes or until I was noticed and looked away as if acting to hid my stare. When I was not noticed by the individual I stared back to the individual for the few minutes again till I was noticed. I repeated this process for approximately two to three times until the individual came for what they acquired in the library at the clerk’s counter. The unknown individual was a man of the age of mid-twenties to late-twenties, he had walked in the library and rushed to the clerk’s counter for some needed help. The man looked impatient and anxious while waiting for any individual working at the library to notice him and help him.
When I violated a social norm, I overall felt embarrassed to store at an unknown individual or the unknown man at the public library and continue to stare. I felt most embarrassed when the man looked at me, the person he felt self-consciously staring at him. I believe I felt the immediate effect of the feeling of embarrassment caused by violating the social norm, because when I violated the
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Taught me how the violation of a social norm not only affects others that are involved with the social norm violation, but the violation included myself and how I felt as if it was wrong to do when I accomplished the violation. For the individuals or victims of a different cultural individual is even so much a challenge for them, as each culture has different ways to act and communicate. If the individual of a different culture was to take their cultural differences to a place where their culture is strange to them, the other people noticing the cultural difference would ostracize them from society as the way of