social pariahs Essay

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Olivia Niemann
American studies 3rd
September 30, 2013
Social pariahs

In this day in age social pariahs are all around us in many different ways. A social pariah is someone who is considered an outcast or “shunned” from a certain group for an undesirable reason or choice he or she has made. With social media and societies standards there will always be a person or group of people that is ostracized for the decisions and choices they have made. Some ways people have been seen as “social pariahs” or ostracized from the group are for scandalous reasons, race, political views, religious beliefs, and being bold. One example I found was of Tiger Woods who was the number one ranked golf player in the word. In 2009 Tiger woods openly announced to the public about cheating on his wife for 32 months with a cocktail waitress. This was a very devastating social blow to one of the world’s most popular athletes who was considered a marketable family man with two kids and his unblemished social life until the accident. With all the talk about Woods affair scandal he lost over 25 million dollars in endorsements with companies. His affair caused a very terse life style for Tiger while he was trying to make up for his mistake. Woods scandal was all over the news for many months and was a very hot topic. He was ostracized and shunned from the golf world. Many hyperboles were made before the real facts of the scandal came out, and for a while no one knew what the truth was. He lost many peoples respect for him not only as an athlete but also as a father figure and husband. His loss I endorsements cost him millions. His affair with this woman not only cost him extreme amounts of money and time but the respect and loyalty of his devoted fans and fellow esteemed golf members. Tiger Woods was the center of many lampoons for a while before the scandal died down and blew over. I agree that with fame comes a certain standard you are held to since you are always in the public eye. You’re in a fishbowl world where everyone finds out your mistakes and now with social media they spread much faster. I don’t approve of what Tiger Woods did because he broke his promise to his wife and family and with that he had to accept the consequences that came along with his decisions. His consequences were much