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My Survey Score
The score I received from the survey came out to be a little above the “average range.” My calculated total was a thirty-one. I feel that my score is about right. I don’t have any reason to disagree with it, because it does reflect on how I am as a person and how I see myself. I’m an open and outgoing type of person and I can strike up a conversation with a person or a group, but only when I’m comfortable in my surroundings. I can keep to myself when I feel like I just don’t have much to put it, I have some doubts a times; so, that is probably why I have a score that’s a little above the average scores. While I was taking the survey I noticed I put a lot more three; which was the “sometimes characteristic.” I believed fit with most of the scenarios/questions; how I am with other individuals. I agree with my composite score.

What’s a Problem?
I don’t think a problem exist if a person(s) has a very low score on the survey. The way I see it, is that that probably have a lot of confidence. The people that score low on this social phobia survey have no problem building up a conversation and have great communication skills. That’s kind of like a gift, I don’t see it as a problem; lots of benefits for those who don’t have difficulties speaking to a person or a group of audience. I do think it’s a problem for those people who have a very high score of this survey. That’s something to be concern mainly because that’s a psychological issue if one can’t communicate with someone; especially when it’s a phobia. When someone has a problem speaking to a group of people or even a single person that is something that she look into seriously; I believe that there’s some sort of childhood history that is behind this phobia.

Why these Scores?
Some people might have a very low score on this survey are often individuals who have gained their social skills at an early age (probably) they have experienced being told that they could do anything or achieve a lot. Encouragement plays a big part on a person and so a person who may have a very low score is probably someone who has a little more self-confidence than others that may have scored very low. A person who experiences less rejection is one who becomes outgoing, sociable and happy (psychological); does not berating him or herself (psychological). This may some people